with McCarrick Homes

Rent one of our high quality homes for one year and if you then purchase it we will give you back your entire 12 months rent towards your mortgage deposit.

We know that saving a big enough deposit can be almost impossible for many would-be buyers. This offer aims to give your deposit that essential cash boost that will help you get the best possible deal on your purchase, so you'll not only get a great new home but also less expensive mortgage commitments. 

Rent2Deposit is your chance to own a new home in County Durham, now within your reach as we help you with the deposit you'll need to get your mortgage deal sorted out. With Rent2Deposit you could be moving in in just a few weeks, with a year to sort out your mortgage which will be based on a deposit that includes 100% of your 12 months rent.

All our Rent2Deposit homes are currently SOLD OUT.

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McCarrick Homes is the residential arm of McCarrick Construction, a Chester-le-Street-based building contractor with a long-standing reputation for quality workmanship. As independent, local home-builders we take pride in our work and manage every step of each build with a team of highly skilled, local craftsmen. Our properties are unique, full of thoughtful details and built using traditional, time-honoured techniques for a solid, high-quality finish. Not your average new-build.